Psychic Readings

 by Willow

Individual Readings

Psychic readings are offered by Willow, an intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She provides guidance at life's most challenging or confusing times. She also shares her expertise. Willow teaches a variety of classes, such as how to read tarot cards or enhance psychic abilities. 

30 minutes ~ $60.00 | 45 minutes ~ $80.00 | 60 minutes ~ $120.00

Gallery Readings & Parties

These readings are for small groups of at least 4 people. One hour minimum. These small group readings are a way to gain clarity and insight while making life decisions. 60 minutes ~ $120

For larger parties, host receives a free, 15-minute reading. A private space with table and chairs is required. If guests are required to pay, the host is responsible for making up the difference if the minimum amount is not met by guests. $240 minimum is required to book. 


By legal requirement, we post that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and use this service. All information received is subject to your interpretation and you claim full responsibility for any actions or choices you may make based on the content of a reading. By purchasing a reading or any other psychic/spiritual service you are agreeing that information received is not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, financial, business or legal advice. ​

Spiritual Life Coaching

by Rowynn

Our spiritual life coaching services are ideal for times when you are looking to make major shifts in your life, habits or consciousness. We pledge to provide a safe space for you to explore challenges and better understand how to integrate spirit to release what weighs you down and better trust your own strength. 60 Minutes ~ $100 |  $250/3 session package |  $425/5 session package *All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable

Toe Reading - A Life Coaching Modality

Our toes reveal the way we're responding to the external world. Toe Reading is an intuitive healing modality that looks to the feet as guideposts for reconnecting to our body's inner compass and life path. 90 Minutes ~ $150


Hypnosis sessions are customized to help you address specific goals. It is ideal for exploring life goals, addressing pain or blocks in your life, and helping to establish new and better habits. There are myriad reasons clients pursue hypnosis, so we will consult with you to ensure we best meet your needs. 

$100/session |  $250 ~ 3 session package |  $400 ~ 5 session package

Past Life Regression


Shamanic Services

by Rowynn & Carmeda

Our shamanic services include Integrative Shamanic Bodywork (TM), soul retrieval, totem animal retrieval, energy extraction, and more. These services are practiced with great care and cater to a client's unique goals. For more information about these services, please reach out or click the links below. 

Integrative Shamanic Bodywork (TM)

Highly experienced practitioners Rowynn and Carmeda offer this highly individualized service to help you to cut unhealthy ties, clear trauma and blocks, and reconnect to your deep inner strength. These practices leverage the deep wisdom of nature so that you may realign in a harmonious and healing way.

Single Practitioner $150 |  Dual Practitioner $250

Soul Retrieval

There are many reasons a person might experience soul loss. Often due to traumatic experiences, there occurs a fragmentation of self. Soul retrieval brings an individual who is suffering from soul loss back to wholeness. 

Totem Animal Retrieval

Totem animals are our guides and teachers.  A spirit animal retrieval is a way to connect with your totem animals and listen to the messages they have to offer in order for you to remember your strength and connection to the natural world.  

Energy Extraction

Energy extraction is a shamanic modality of removing excess energy that is intrusive or disruptive to the system. When energy that does not belong in our systems builds, we need to clear it to restore the body to optimum health.

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

by Rowynn

Licensed Massage Therapy

Massages are tailored to meet individual therapeutic needs.  A variety of techniques are utilized and no two massages are exactly alike.  Additionally, Rowynn follows her intuition and can help clients connect with deeper emotional and energetic "issues in the tissues." Hot Stones and Aromatherapy are incorporated to deepen the healing experience and to enhance relaxation and well-being.  

30 minutes ~ $50.00 | 60 minutes ~ $100.00 |  90 minutes ~ $150.00

CranioSacral Therapy

Licensed by the Upledger Institute, Rowynn uses CranioSacral therapy in conjunction with Reiki to address both the physical and energetic body. Subtle, gentle movements work to free impediments of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This is a powerful technique that will leave you feeling more balanced, and it is a powerful practice that has been proven effective support treatments of everything from migraines to emotional difficulties. 

60 minutes ~$100.00

Hot Stone Massage Immersion

In this experience, Hot Stones are used exclusively for the massage treatment.  There is minimal hands on massage.  Instead, the stones are utilized head to toe for a deeply relaxing, one of a kind massage.

90 minutes ~  $150.00

dōTERRA® Aromatouch

This protocol, created by DoTerra, is performed on the back, neck, and head.  Eight different essential oils, selected for their therapeutic properties, are applied to the skin with the addition of a carrier oil for safety.  This is a stand alone treatment but may be incorporated as part of your massage treatment.

$60 or add on to your massage for $50


Individual Session

Reiki is a technique of stress reduction and relaxation that taps into the energy of every living thing, commonly referred to as life force energy. Clients receive this service fully clothed on either a massage table or in any comfortable position. Each session is unique depending on the needs of the client. Session times average between 

45-75 minutes ~ $80

Reiki Attunements

To get certified as a Reiki practitioner, or to learn basic techniques to self-apply, Suzi shares her mastery and knowledge, offering Levels 1-3 Reiki Attunements. 

Level 1, Self-Healing $150

Level 2, Practitioner $300

Level 3, Master/Teacher $500

*a 20% discount is offered to students of levels 2&3 if they received their level one from Suzy.

House Blessings & Property Clearings

Initial assessment-We will come to your property and do a walk through. We will read the space and "diagnose" the problem(s). We will share what information we perceive intuitively, in essence giving you a reading of your property. Then we will make a plan to address your specific needs. $150

If you choose to move forward with a clearing of your property, pricing will be determined as part of your individual plan.

Yoga and Writing Services

Whether you want to write a short story or essay, publish a novel, or share your personal story, it's time. Contact Jen for writing support or all things meditation and yoga. Writing coaching and 1.5 hour meditation workshops are offered 1:1 for $150. Contact for small group rates.