Our Team

The Intuitive Touch Center is a co-op of healers, teachers, and psychic intuitives who are joined by a passion for service and a heart-centered desire to empower clients to grow and thrive in all aspects of their lives. We do this by offering a wide variety of healing modalities and intuitive guidance to assist clients in creating powerful, positive changes in their lives. Our vision is to foster community and connection through holistic and empowering classes, healing circles, and women's group spaces.

Rowynn Moon

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Rowynn has been practicing the healing arts professionally since 2002. Her skills include massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, reiki, kinesiology, chakra balancing, holistic life coaching, past life regressions, and hypnosis. Additionally, Rowynn is a student of the Shamanic Arts and is the creator of her own healing modality, Integrative Shamanic Bodywork (TM).  

Carmeda Moon

Shamanic Arts Practitioner

Carmeda has been working with clients for over twenty years.  Carmeda has been practicing shamanic healing and works solo or in tandem with Rowynn.  Shamanic healing can include animal totem retrieval, cord cutting, soul retrieval, energy extractions, and shamanic journey.  In addition to using her many healing gifts, she also teaches Shamanic drumming and Journey classes, as well as women's self-protection in partnership with Budo Martial Arts.  Carmeda offers clients a unique psychic reading experience with psychometry that can be incorporated into a healing session or experienced on it's own.

Willow Niemela

Psychic Medium

Willow offers tarot readings, is a psychic medium, and teaches a variety of classes, including Tarot and Psychic Development classes. Willow hails from a long line of psychic women and has been featured on both television and radio.  Her work is heart centered and her goal is to not only offer clients spirit-led guidance but to empower them to tap into their own intuition. 

Jen Knox


Jen is an author, writing coach and yoga instructor. She offers 1:1 creativity coaching as well as small-group meditation and yoga instruction (RYT 200, KYT). Jen is passionate about sharing empowering techniques for linking breath, mind, and movement, while helping people break creative blocks and tap into the power of their personal stories. If you have ever thought about writing a book or starting a meditation practice, now is the time. Reach out about Jen's services or contact her here.