About Natsuko

Hi, my name is Natsuko and I am the resident astrologer here at The Intuitive Touch Center.  I'm a jeweler, astrologer, tarot reader, and tea-blender with a passion for bringing the divine knowledge, ancient rituals, and magics into modern everyday life.  I've been a practitioner of yoga and meditation over thirty years as well as a practitioner of the Law of Attraction.  My journey with tarot began at the end of 2018 when I found that I had a natural ability to understand and connect with the cards.  As I've grown in my practice, I've developed even greater intuition and psychic abilities, known as clairs.  Tea came into my life when my Solar Return chart for 2021/2022 formed a grand water trine with Neptune-AC, Venus, and the Moon.  This beautiful alignment of planets has connected me to tea in a profoundly deep way.  I have come to love the taste, aroma, and magical properties of tea, as well as its calming effects on body and mind.  Tea has become an integral part of my daily ritual, helping me to stay grounded; connected to myself and the metaphysical world.  Furthermore, I love to create jewelry that serves as a manifestation of divine intention, planetary magic, and to commemorate the important moments in our lives.  

Visit my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/NatsukoJewelry

I'm fascinated by the way astrology can reveal so much about ourselves.  I'm always amazed by the connections I observe between this life and the alignments in the chart.  I believe that the prominent placements of Moon and Mercury in my natal chart have given me a special connection to the planets and the magical powers they possess.  I am passionate about sharing the insights I gain from the divine, helping my clients with cosmic guidance, specific rituals, self-care, and daily routines that are tailored to their individual needs.

Astrological Birth Chart Readings-$50 for approx. 1hr.  Client Birth Date, Time, and Place of Birth are needed for a full reading.

To schedule, text (614)519-1113

Available in person at The Intuitive Touch Center the first Saturday of the month.  Via zoom Mon-Thu, 10am-12